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What You Need to Know Before Selling a Manufactured Home

Selling a manufactured home can look like a complicated process at first. Between the multiple ways you might choose to sell it and the potential legal paperwork, it can almost seem like too much of a hassle. Not to worry, though—it’s a lot easier than it looks! Do You Own the House, the Land, or […]

The Four Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Mobile Home

“I want to sell my mobile home but everything looks so intimidating. Where do I start?”   If you have asked yourself this question, there isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Selling your home, especially a mobile home, can be a drawn-out process full of legal jargon, paperwork, and confusing regulations that would take the […]

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Home

mobile home

If you’re considering a new mobile home, you might be wondering what advantages and disadvantages this type of house has. There are ups and downs associated with all types of homes, and mobile homes are no exception. To help our readers, we’ve developed a list of the pros and cons of buying a mobile home. […]

Are Mobile Homes Worth a Rental Investment?

Have you been thinking about a mobile home as a way to generate additional income? If so, you’re not alone. Every year, we at Buy My Mobile Home DFW entertain hundreds of clients who think mobile homes are wise investments. Our listings are home to thousands of people looking for the best way to sell […]

How to Sell a Mobile Home Without Land

Are you wondering how to sell a mobile home without land? This article is for you. Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes. If you own the land under your manufactured home, it qualifies as real property or real estate, and selling both won’t be much different from selling a traditional home. On the […]

How to Sell Mobile Home Fast: A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a mobile home that you need to sell quickly, it’s essential to approach the sales process with a clear plan in mind. Maybe you’re wondering: How hard is it to sell a mobile home quickly? The better you prepare for a sale – and the more you understand about the mobile home […]

Your Guide to Buying a Used Mobile Home

sell mobile home fort worth

As you read this article, you’re joining hundreds of Americans who are looking up information about buying a used mobile home. According to recent data from the Manufactured Housing Institute, about 22 million people across the United States live in mobile or manufactured homes. They create hundreds of new listings every day. Looking for the […]

The Four Best and Creative Ways to Sell Your Mobile Home

mobile home dallas

Mobile and manufactured homes get a bad rap in the real estate world. They typically don’t qualify for mortgage loans and can be notoriously hard to finance—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t folks out there looking to buy a mobile home. The affordability and flexibility of mobile homes are big selling points for many buyers. […]

Improve the Look of Your Mobile Home With These Tips

sell mobile home dallas

Brightening up your mobile home with a few cost-effective remodeling jobs can be the best way to sell your mobile home in Dallas, TX, and the greater Fort Worth area. If you want to attract people looking to buy a mobile home that they’ll live in for the next 20 to 40 years, make sure […]