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We all dream of having our own home. A place where we can be ourselves, let our guard down and sleep peacefully at night. 

But in a time where buying a house involves expensive, complicated processes, you may find yourself asking “Can I afford to own a home?”. Or perhaps, you’re one of the many who don’t want the traditional stick-built house?

Whether you’re looking for an affordable dwelling, or want a cozy, non-traditional home, a mobile home might be a great first home for you.

But before we proceed, what is a mobile home exactly? To the uninitiated, it’s a house built off-site and then transported to a property. Currently, it’s home for 17.7 million Americans or about 5.6% of the American population.

Without further ado, here are five reasons why a mobile home is a smart buy. 

It’s affordable

According to CityLab, you can save over 40% on housing costs with mobile homes. 

Typically, the average cost for a site-built home or an apartment in America is $1057 a month, whereas a mobile home costs $564 a month. It’s still way affordable even if you rent in a mobile home park.

From single parents to first home buyers, to newlyweds and elderly, mobile homes have provided them with lower-cost housing and have made homeownership easier to achieve.

It’s flexible

Want to live by the beach? You can with a mobile home. Own a land but not sure if you want it long-term? This might be the option for you. 

Mobile homes are loved for their flexibility. Unlike stick-built homes, you can place a mobile home in one place (whether private property or rented property) and remove it in the future.

It’s easily customizable and compact but has all the perks a typical house can provide. It’s the perfect choice if you’re unsure whether you want to own a piece of land long-term, or cannot afford a stick-built home at the moment.

It’s durable

One of the common misconceptions with mobile homes is that they’re not durable and more prone to disasters. Mobile homes did have such issues pre-HUD. However, this no longer applies to today’s modern mobile homes. In fact, these homes have become a lot safer to buy since 1976, when new HUD standards took effect. 

Also, in a report by the National Fire Prevention Association, manufactured homes have not only a lower fire rate per 1,000 housing units but also a lower injury rate per 100 fires.

Remember, the key is to plan and strategize where to put your mobile home. Like any other home, a mobile home is a place where you can feel safe.

It’s an investment

Another misconception is that mobile homes only depreciate in value over time. If you’ve shied away from mobile homes because of this, hear us out. 

Similar to traditional homes, there are various things you can do in order to add value to your mobile home. One is by doing minor improvements like landscaping, applying a fresh coat of paint, and installing a new mailbox. These small things go a long way when it’s time to resell your mobile home

A 2-year study done by DataComp showed that some mobile homes actually gained more value than lost. So the next time somebody tells you mobile homes are not an investment, don’t believe them right away and do your research first. 

It’s easy to maintain

Site-built houses can be hard to maintain. But the true cost comes from a whole array of expenses lurking behind the monthly mortgage payments. A bigger home means a bigger mortgage. This also equates to higher property taxes.

With a mobile home, the expenses meant for maintenance can be used on other important things. You can start the business you’ve long been wanting to, save for your children’s education or invest. Imagine where you’ll be 10 years from now with the hundreds or thousands of dollars you can save monthly today. 

On a final note, a mobile home is an ideal choice if you are tight on budget and want something you can call yours with a ton of potential. Most mobile home buyers found that they have become more financially free after purchasing one.

With a mobile home, you can have a property with your name on it. You can use it as a stepping stone to buy your dream house by reselling or renting it out to others. Some even turn it into their own dream house.  Whatever your choice may be, one thing’s for sure, a mobile home could be one of the greatest purchases you’ll ever make!