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When looking to change ownership of your mobile home in the state of Texas you must make sure you take the property steps to ensure it transfers properly. Below is a general outline of what needs to be done to properly do so.

Verify The Owner On Record

The first thing you should check is to verify that the owner selling the home is the one on record. You should visit the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs website to check this information. Here you are able to access the current record or title of the home via the owner or property address, owner name, serial number, or label number. If the owner on record is not the person selling the home this could cause issues or delays in transferring the home to new ownership.

Check With The County For Back Taxes

When accessing the records through the TDHCA website it lists what county the mobile home is installed in. At that point do your due diligence and visit the county tax assessor website or call the county to verify taxes owed or due on the home to be able to complete ownership transfer. When transferring the mobile home ownership the state also requires that you put the current year taxes in escrow. All of these questions can the addressed by the county.

Check The HUD or Serial Label

When looking to transfer the home TDHCA will want to know that the label is present on the home. The label is usually located on the left backside of the home. This label contains the unique number that specifically identifies this home in the TDHCA database. Since all the ownership titles are electronic you can use this label number to look up the home also on the TDCHA website.

Complete Bill Of Sale & SOL Application

Once you have looked over the home and done all of your research you are now ready to close on your new home or sell your home. You will want to make sure you get a Bill Of Sale application. These can be found by a simple google search or you can visit a forms website that will walk you through populating a new application. You will want to make sure to have this Bill Of Sale on hand so both the buyer and seller can sign it. The last step is filling out the Statement Of Ownership and Location Application. This application is what the state of Texas uses to transfer the ownership of the home. On this form you will need to populate all of the current mobile home information, the buyer information, the seller information, and, if the home is to be moved, the new location information. This is the application that will be sent off to the state of Texas along with the paid tax information so that they can transfer the ownership of the home.

Above I have highlighted the basic steps to transfer the ownership of a mobile home. In other situations there could be some additional items needed. For additional information visit the TDHCA website for help.