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How to Sell a Mobile Home Without Land

Are you wondering how to sell a mobile home without land? This article is for you. Mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes. If you own the land under your manufactured home, it qualifies as real property or real estate, and selling both won’t be much different from selling a traditional home. On the […]

How to Sell Mobile Home Fast: A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a mobile home that you need to sell quickly, it’s essential to approach the sales process with a clear plan in mind. Maybe you’re wondering: How hard is it to sell a mobile home quickly? The better you prepare for a sale – and the more you understand about the mobile home […]

Mobile Home Kool Seal Roof

Mobile homes with metal roofs are great because the roof lasts longer and sometimes can be made brand new with just some TLC. When view mobile homes I often check the roof out for wear and tear due to the elements. In my journey I have found that Kool Seal on metal roofs is a […]